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Why Lunch.... ...

Breakfast is known to be the most important meal of the day but many of us fail to realise the importance of lunch! The afternoon meal is key to our health and productivity. Many of us tend to forgo our lunch for various reasons rushing somewhere, trying to lose weight or trying to clear our work (only to receive more).

Why lunch is important..

Productivity & Concentration

- Food is what gives us energy. It increases our blood sugar level to challenge the day, making us be able to focus and tackle the rest of the day.

- Help to relax and clear our mind. Avoid eating at work area, step out from the office, workspace, showroom will allow our minds to rest, recharge, refocus and reap the benefits of a break.

Weight Gain

- When skipping a meal, we are more likely to take in extra calories later. In other words, hunger override our self-control! We end up eating more at dinner.

- Missing meals may also change our metabolism and lead to weight gain.

Get Social

- We all spend a lot of time with work colleagues, so connecting with them over lunch can help build a stronger team.

- Gather with an old friend to reconnect or network.

In a world where everything is getting more and more fast-paced, we forget to take breaks, forget that breaks are not a waste of time. They are essential for one’s productivity and health. Time for us to make a changing and listen to our body.

Ideas on how not to miss lunch

- Block out your day schedule like you would for other appointment.

- Set a reminder on your trusted gadget

- Arrange an lunch appointment with a friend, a colleague or a client . An opportunity to catch up, follow up or network. A win-win!

So.... Forget being “too busy” to take a lunch break.

What to eat for lunch at The Vibez Bar

Kung Pao Chicken

Breaded Fish with Fries, Chicken Cutlet with Rice & Prawn Salad

Shrimp with Cauliflower Rice

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